New tune – Visitor 2010

December 16th, 2014

Here’s a new track that I have produced. It started out in 2010 as a remix of Another Visitor (sticking with the Impossible Mission theme), but then it sat on a hard drive as an unfinished loop for four years. I finally grabbed a day recently to turn it into a more finished tune. I think this is better than the original; I’m much happier with the production but I definitely need some monitor speakers to get more control over the mixdown.

October 2014

October 26th, 2014

It was all going so well, last time I wrote one of these. That is, I’d got my life under control enough to find time to write a blog post. It’s a measure of organisational state, a bit like having a tidy desk.

June. I was into a nice routine: Busy, but rarely working late and never at weekends. I’d lost nearly a stone in weight since Christmas, going on two or three runs a week, walking more and eating and drinking less. Not rocket science but it takes a concerted effort to consistently consume less than your appetite wants you to.

After that I got busy again. Time has flown by. My son turned two on July 5th, and my Nana (my Dad’s mother) sadly passed away on August 4th. Bowel cancer. Awful. The funeral, up in Stockport, was two weeks later; hopefully not the last time I’ll see my aunt, uncle and cousins although we’re rarely in touch.

Somehow it’s nearly November. Most but not all of the weight is back on. My skin is pale and blemished. My desk is a mess.

The trouble with me is that when I get into a big project I become sort of absorbed by it. And being self-employed I don’t switch off at 6pm. I somehow need to keep the project’s complex wiring diagram in my head while the work is in progress. So it’s always there like a big program hogging most of the memory on a slightly underpowered computer. Everything else still works but it’s sluggish. Switching apps is unresponsive.

Everything was fine up till about the end of June but in an effort not to burn bridges with existing clients I’ve had to double-up, managing and developing on the startup business and fitting other projects around it too. The result: late nights, going in on Saturdays to “catch up” and “rewarding” myself with “well deserved” beer and takeaway food.

This works in the short term when you need to get over a hump, but try to sustain it and it quickly becomes a false economy. A late night of intense work is mirrored by a morning of staring blankly at the laptop, trying to kick start your brain chemistry with coffee. Then not sleeping properly the next night. Being a zombie-like husband.

Anyway, today was good. Literally a long day, as the clocks went back this morning. Did no work except for some satisfying physical work in the garden. Went out with the family. We saw some owls, which made Henry happy as he’s been a bit obsessed with them since being introduced to them on YouTube.

Back to work tomorrow. Let’s see if I can wrest control of this thing. Twitter and Facebook off, idiot.

Introducing Milk

September 17th, 2014

Milk is an application suite for schools and colleges designed to be used by students, teachers and parents. It is a student self-management tool. Milk comprises an iOS and Android mobile app for students, as well as the Milk Web Portal which is open to all users.

I was honoured to be invited to join the Milk team at the end of December 2013 and I have been heading up its development since January. Milk is being piloted in a number of schools across the UK this term. It’s been a lot of hard work but it’s immensely satisfying to see it now coming to fruition.

To find out more about Milk visit our website.

Introducing Milk

Ambient Mix

August 17th, 2014

I’ve put together a new ambient mix. It was recorded live and then tweaked in Ableton. The field recordings were captured with my ancient MZ-R50 MiniDisc recorder and a stereo mic.

It’s on both SoundCloud and Mixcloud:

Firstperson Ambient Set August 2014 by Ade on Mixcloud

Track list:

  • Firstperson – field recording: Stamford morning
  • Stéphane Kerecki & John Taylor – La Source (intro)
  • Firstperson – field recording: Wet London street 1
  • Carroll Gibbons – The Night Is Young
  • Brock Van Wey – Forever a Stranger
  • Bill Evans – Spartacus Love Theme (sample, looped)
  • Firstperson – field recording: Rain on plastic roof
  • Tim Hecker – The Star Compass
  • Firstperson – field recording: Market day
  • Firstperson – microphone feedback experiment
  • Hallgrimskirkja Motet Choir – Jón Leifs – Requiem, Op. 33b
  • Firstperson – field recording: Wet London street 2
  • Future Sound Of London – Photosynthesis
  • Stephen Crow – Starquake, in-game sound effects (C64)
  • Arthur Russell – Another Thought
  • Spooky – Orange Coloured Liquid
  • Nick Drake – Hazy Jane II

New office

July 17th, 2014

Ade Rowbotham Ltd HQ

Seventeen months ago I left the now-merged-with-Work Club Pirata. Since then I’ve been working on a number of projects mostly from home except for the occasional trip to London for meetings, pitches and so on. That’s been fine to an extent as we have a decent office in our house but, as those who work from home will know, there are a number of pitfalls linked to the lack of formality normally associated with going to work and leaving work.

A recent spate of extremely late nights (“I must finish this thing”) convinced me that something had to change. Other factors included: Frequent visits from my two-year-old son and the cats (welcome but distracting), ease of access to the fridge, and lack of exercise (sometimes not leaving the house at all in a 24 hour period when particularly busy).

Given that we’ve moved out of London we’re lucky enough to have a reasonably large garden, so I had considered getting one of those garden-based studios or “posh sheds”, but the investment at the moment is hard to justify. And walking to the garden is hardly a commute, psychologically speaking.

Then thanks to Twitter I discovered an office vacancy in the centre of Stamford, so I’ve taken the plunge and I moved in on Monday. With the obligatory Ikea trip and assembly mission out of the way, it’s now time to get on with some work.

Wednesday 9 June

July 8th, 2014


Following an hour of dramatic wailing and howling Henry (our two year old son) has finally fallen asleep. We’re on a plane flying back from Malmö in Sweden where we’ve been staying with one of Rachael’s friends for a few days.

The root cause of the emotional drama, which started in the queue at the departure gate, was that he missed his morning sleep. This tends to bring about the end of the world anyway, but then when we had to force him into his own seat for takeoff the hysterics were cranked up to 11. I’ve had pleasanter flights.

Flight home aside it’s been a much needed short break. The couple we stayed with have an enviably well designed modern house (one of them is a product designer and architect) which was well stocked with good food and wine. They were incredibly hospitable and generous, and they have a child just a bit older than Henry, so he had a friend to play with.

We took the train over to Copenhagen yesterday, and took the kids to Tivoli, which is a long-established theme park / fairground right in the centre. Worth a visit.

Drinks were drank last night and the Germany v Brazil match provided the excuse for our host to open a large bottle of Jägermeister. The hangover isn’t helping matters today.

Landing at Stansted in half an hour. Mercifully Henry is still asleep.

Back to work tomorrow.

Update: He woke up of course. Still not happy. Also the pilot had to abort the landing just before we touched the Tarmac, and go around again. Not had that happen before.

On sharing

June 29th, 2014

In the spirit of occasionally making an empty pledge to begin blogging again I’m writing this blog post (not just ‘blog’, please; a blog is that which contains a collection of blog entries or posts) to make a potentially empty pledge to begin blogging again.

I usually have one or two half-written posts saved as drafts. These are typically about things that (obviously) seemed important at the time – for example something political that’s riled me or something that seemed profoundly noteworthy – but which I’ve since been unable to complete due to my inability to succinctly communicate the nub of the sentiment or argument.

Sometimes only by writing something out in long form do I manage to clarify my own position on the matter, so writing the post serves that purpose and sometimes part of my conclusion is that it’s not worth posting after all.

The other thing that keeps me from posting more often is the constant fear of coming across like a complete dick, getting on my high horse about something or other without having any claim to authority on the matter.

It seems the cooler people say less and keep their opinions to themselves. Should we all be more like that?

Personally I wish everyone were a little more open on the web. On Twitter most of my friends seem to have clammed up in the past few years. Now they’ll only post the occasional work-related promotional tweet and rarely comment on their actual lives. I miss that. I’ve got nothing against self promotion but I’m not interested unless there’s a healthy balance between that and some more wholesome, human content.

Maybe you’re getting out of London for the day? You don’t even have to say where you’re going. Oh look you did something in advertising.

I’m not going to make the additional point that people probably aren’t interested in my opinions, because this is my blog and anyone who chooses to read it has the option to simply not do so, in the same way that they can unfollow me on Twitter or whatever.

So fuck it, I’m going to try to post a little more often and I don’t give a shit if someone finds it pretentious or boring, because life’s too short to care too much about what other people think. And I actually really enjoy writing.

Rather than only compose and obsessively edit ‘grand’ and ponderous articles I’m going to post a few more every day life update entries. You’re quite welcome to read them but these will be mainly for me. Life seems to fly past at an ever accelerating rate and it’s helpful to have some anchor points to look back on. Right now I genuinely have no idea what I was doing (other than work) three months ago. It’s quite terrifying.