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deepdream roundup

If you missed deepdream in the news then go and read this article and the original research blog post, and / or look at the original gallery full screen.

Good. Now, given that Google made the software open source, there’s lots more to look at. Check out the #deepdream hashtag on Twitter.

And this Twitch channel let’s you “live shout objects to dream about”.

And finally, these two videos are worth a watch:

Journey through the layers of the mind from Memo Akten on Vimeo.

Noisedive from Johan Nordberg on Vimeo


Also, someone ran it on a clip from Fear and Loathing…

Art music video

Chris Cunningham / Gil Scott Heron

A few of us at Pirata recently went to see Chris Cunningham’s live audio and video show at the Roundhouse. For the most part it was predictably challenging and entertainingly unsettling, and all in all a brilliant show.

However the highlight for me was the above video / remix of the late Gil Scott Heron’s New York Is Killing Me which was (like the rest of the show) projected across three screens and formed the intro to the show. Don’t watch it here, pop over to YouTube and watch it full screen in HD.


Fantastic retro futurist illustrations

Living in the Eco-Torus

@wavish just shared a link to this wonderful set of 1960s futurist illustrations on Flickr.

And the drawing above is from a Syd Mead Flickr group which I found a couple of clicks away, and is also worth a perusal.