Seven Seas of Bullshit

Seven Seas of Bullshit, originally uploaded by *ade.

This is part of the latest press campaign from the Met Police.

Great approach guys.

Is it just me or am I surrounded by paranoid babbling idiots? It’s complete bullshit. Whoever signed this campaign off needs a suicide bomb shoving up where only customs officers dare to probe.

This attitude makes me want to leave Britain for good. But where to? It’s a growing global state of mind as insane as that of the fundamentalists they’re simultaneously creating and being afraid of.

I’d like to start an off-world colony. Only intelligent, rational thinkers are invited. Top scientists, mathematicians, engineers, designers and artists get free tickets. Religion and other such dark-ages nonsense is banned. Those are my rules. Take it or leave it.

Recommended viewing: The Power of Nightmares

mathematics science

Rotating 4D hypercube

There’s nothing quite like a mathematical visualisation on a Monday afternoon.


Pac Man

Pac Man, originally uploaded by *ade.

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Supreme apostrophe abuse

this, originally uploaded by *ade.

Courtesy of the carpenter who’s been fitting new doors in my house today.

To his credit, his carpentry skills are very good.


201 Bishopsgate

201 Bishopsgate, originally uploaded by *ade.


Exchange Square

Exchange Square, originally uploaded by *ade.



Welcome to my Universe


My Netvibes account was just upgraded to ‘Ginger’, which is the name they’ve given to their latest version. They’ve added the ability to share your tabs in a publicly available personal ‘universe’, which in my case basically means you can see what blogs I’m following.

It’s an interesting idea because until now Netvibes has essentially been a glorified web-based RSS reader: accessed through a browser but still private to each user. But now I can share what I’m reading, what inspires me, and explore what other people are looking at. In other words, it now ticks a couple more of those Web2 buzzword boxes. I’m almost sick of hearing them. You know the ones.

I’m sure there are other features too but I only set it up half an hour ago. I have no idea why one of the blogs is highlighted in orange!

Visit my universe here or use the button below to add my blogs tab to your own Netvibes page.

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